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Rainbow kush strain is Know for it’s multiple colors and therefore the pine aroma yet rare to seek out during a dispensary, we have top shelf Rainbow kush at Denverweedlane


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About Rainbow Kush

Rainbow Kush is a famous strain due to its multiple colors and the pine aroma. People can find it at dispensaries as simply “Rainbow”. A 50/50 balanced or slightly Indica-dominant strain, It  has slightly above average THC at 17 percent and average CBD of 1 percent.

Several breeders have attempted to perfect this strain. Dutch growers, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), state that they achieved their version of the Rainbow Kush strain by crossing Master Kush and Hindu Kush. Lifetime Seeds from Spain created theirs by crossing Dancehall with Blueberry.

When you go to purchase this strain, you might be lured by marketing claims by the breeder, “It’s the most colorful strain ever invented in looks and flavor.” If you look at images on websites or magazines, you will definitely find pictures of rainbow-colored cannabis, and those pictures are amazing. However, in real life, this bud may not look like those enhanced images or measure up to the marketing claims.

Rainbow kush strain is known for its multiple colors and therefore the pine aroma yet rare to seek out during a dispensary
About this strain
This is a 50.1% Indica-dominant strain with a THC of 17% and CBD of 1%. A mixture of Hindu Kush and Master Kush produces Rainbow kush
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The Rainbow kush is a rare strain and not every dispensary in US grows or sells this product. At Denverweedlane, we offer our clients quality weed online sand this strain Stands out together of our top cannabis product at our store shelf.
Some may detect notes of coffee and a spicy aftertaste. Recreational users who want to urge a touch stoned not only-but also still be social should inspect this strain because it won’t put you during a weed coma.
The Indica influence should induce a light body melt amid positive cerebral effects.
Besides, you’ll partake within the morning also as day thanks to its low THC level and mild body effects. Medical patients may utilize this strain and consequently alleviate nausea, poor appetite, and pain among other conditions.
The CBD content is just too low for seizure disorders yet above other strains. This makes it suitable for laundry away anxieties, aches, and pains without the acute high found in other strains.
Rainbow Kush is a 50/50 indica/sativa half and half from Spanish reproducers Lifetime Seeds, made by crossbreeding Dancehall with Blueberry. A smaller, quick blooming strain with minimal side-spreading, it does very well when developed in the “ocean of-green” style.
Rainbow Kush presents a wide cluster of hues towards the finish of blossoming, consequently the moniker. With a hot sweet fruity flavor, this delicious half and half can give shoppers a lovely, inventive high and relief from discomfort without an overwhelming body sensation.

Medical patients may utilize Rainbow Kush to alleviate nausea, poor appetite, and pain among other conditions. The CBD content is too low for seizure disorders but higher than some other strains, making it suitable for washing away anxieties, aches, and pains without the extreme high found in other strains.

Grow Rainbow Kush indoors or outdoors. The breeder states that it is easy or moderately difficult to grow. Some growers suggest propagating the plant in a Sea of Green (SOG) style, which forces the flowering stage earlier.

Under regular conditions, it flowers in nine weeks and produces a yield outdoors of up to 750 grams or 26.5 ounces per sq. meter. When you grow the plant, you may see the bright colors that breeders, marketers, and aficionados rave about.




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