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Duke Nukem strain gets its name from the reigning, above the top, crass, alien-killing video game persona, with a THC level of 20%. This marijuana strain generates a cheerful mood, creativity, and laughter. Duke Nukem is a Sativa dominant with a hybrid weed ratio of Sativa to Indica at 65% to 35%, respectively. This weed strain is a crossbreed of male Chemmando and female Chernobyl plants. Duke Nukem has a scent of citrus, earthiness, and tropical fruits with lemon and orange notes, succeeded by a compelling skunky-ness. Once puffed in, the weed strain flavor becomes predominantly skunky and orange. Smelling these marijuana strain buds makes you delighted.

The high of Duke Nukem takes some characteristics from its parent’s genetics. Need cerebral effects? This weed strain induces creativity, giggles, and razor-like focus. Duke Nukem promotes alertness; hence it’s better used during the day. It manages stress and elevates a pleasant mood. With a high THC level, beginners may experience psychoactive effects. Duke Nukem effects are utilized in the medical field to ease migraines and daily stress. Also, these strain effects are known to boost energy and appetite.

The cannabis strain has dense, delicate, orange and pink buds, amply frosted trichomes that contain the therapeutic traits of marijuana strain. Duke Nukem grows outdoors and indoors, with average yields and it takes 9-11 weeks to flower. Buy nukem strain

Duke Nukem Marijuana Key Facts

  •     Genetics: Duke Nukem is a hybrid cross of male Chemmando and a female Chernobyl plant.
  •     The High: The high of duke Nukem is chill and mellow, inducing creativity and giggles.
  •     Hybrids Ratio: 65% Sativa, 35% Indica.
  •     THC Levels: About 20%
  •     Grow Information: This cannabis plant has moderate yields, thriving both outdoors and indoors. It’s easy to grow, taking 9-11 weeks to flower.

Duke Nukem Cannabis Strain Description

Duke Nukem produces a soothing and delicate lavender aroma, with traces of mint, earthy undertones that seasons your sensory adventure. With the scent of tropical fruits, earthiness intertwined with citrus notes of lemon and orange leaves an aftertaste of skunky and orange. The mint makes the smoke-friendly on the lungs and throat. These flower buds stimulate creativity, energy, relaxation, and happiness. In addition, the cannabis strain grows tall with dense, beautiful orange and pink buds, amply frosted trichomes holding therapeutic traits of marijuana.

Duke Nukem Weed Strain Effects

Just a puff, this marijuana strain gives you an unrestrained cerebral high, increases your mood in a short time, inducing creativity and energy. Until the effects wear off, this weed strain leaves you feeling happy and giggly. This marijuana strain is best for daytime hours. It’s an excellent strain for easy hobbies such as engaging in video games, watching movies, or listening to music; in a social gathering, it adds sparks.

Duke Nukem Cannabis Grow Information

Duke Nukem is easy to grow for beginners. It’s resistant to fungus and parasite attacks. This cannabis strain has a moderate yield thriving well in outdoor and indoor cultivation. It has two specific phenotypes, namely, Chernobyl and Chemmando. Chernobyl-like is stunted, stretching to 50% of its original height when flowering. Chemmando-like stretches up to 75% when blooming and takes 9-11 weeks to flower. Also, Duke Nukem’s yields are highly impressive. Buy Nukem strain.

Duke Nukem Weed Strain Medical Use

Duke Nukem is useful in treating spasticity, eye pressure, muscle spasms, inflammation, insomnia, fatigue, PMS, and chronic pain. If used in therapeutic amounts, this cannabis strain stimulates appetite and reduces mood swings. It successfully manages anxiety and stress, gradually stabilizing mood. Artists having trouble focusing, this cannabis strain works excellently. Patients suffering from chronic fatigue can use this weed strain as it’s known to have energy-inspiring traits. Lastly, Duke Nukem makes activities involving visual and auditory senses pleasant.

Duke Nukem Marijuana Side Effects

Duke Nukem has no adverse effects. Unlike its video game hero, this strain is laidback. Like any other weed strain, users experience dryness of the mouth and eyes, dizziness, and in few cases where the user consumes large doses, a headache may develop. Taking plenty of water and staying dehydrated helps in controlling the side effects. In dry eyes, placing a cold towel or napkin or tear drops can be a preventative measure.


Duke Nukem strain, with a flowery, pungent, woody, and sweet taste, is as energizing as its taste. Sitting above average, Duke Nukem is a weed strain with the capability of inducing happiness, joyous and cheerful sensations. Duke Nukem is a natural plant to grow with seeds readily available on online sales. Also, this cannabis strain has exceptional yields taking an average time to flower. Suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Duke Nukem strain is a perfect choice for pod lovers out there. Therefore, be sure to pick some up the next time you buy cannabis online from a marijuana dispensary.


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